Faith of Hazrat Halimah

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The Faith of Halimah Sa’diah

In lieu of services, Hazrat Halimah rendered for suckling the Prophet (peace be upon him), a great many blessings, Allah showered on her house and family. Their poverty converted into prosperity; consequent upon the drought, the herds of others weakened for the want of fodder but the herd of Hazrat Halimah used to return with udders full of milk.

Besides, she got eternal recognition that none even from amongst the kings was destined for. Greater to all the blessings but was the faith she was bestowed with, which delivered her in the world here and hereafter. Her entire family embraced Islam. About her faith a number of narrations are available in the books of Ahadith of which some are cited hereunder:

“Ibn-e-Sa’ad narrate and the narrators of this narration are just like the righteous men (Rijal-e-Sahih). The transmitter of this Hadith is Muhammad bin Mankadar who says, “After having asked the permission a lady came in, to whom the Prophet (peace be upon him) called, ‘My mother! My mother! And then he spread his covering sheet on the ground and made the lady sit on it.”

Hafiz Mughltai compiled a magazine about faith of Hazrat Halimah, the crux of which is given here:

Hafiz Abu Muhammad Al-Manzri wrote in the brief Sunnan Abu Dawud that Hazrat Halimah was suckling mother of the Prophet (peace be upon him), she embraced Islam, came in the service of him and transmitted the Ahadith.

Hafiz Abu Al-Farj Al-Jouzi in “Al-Hadaiq” writes,

“Hazrat Halimah bint Al-Harrith came to the Prophet when he had married Hazrat Khadijah. She complained of the drought and the Prophet (peace be upon him) commended her to his wife who gifted her forty goats and one camel. After the Prophet (peace be upon him) was revealed, she and her husband came and embraced Islam and both took the allegiance of the Prophet (peace be upon him)”

“Qazi Ayyaaz writes that Hazrat Halimah appeared before the Prophet (peace be upon him), he spread his covering sheet in her honour and fulfilled her requirements. After the demise of the Prophet (peace be upon him), she came to Abu Bakr Siddique (r.a), who treated her alike; he spread his covering sheet on the ground, made her sit on it and fulfilled her requirements.”

“Atta bin Ya’sir transmits, “Hazrat Halimah, the foster mother of the Prophet (peace be upon him) came to the Prophet (peace be upon him), he stood up in her honour, spread his covering sheet on which she sat.”

Harith ibne Issac, Husband of Halimah and foster father of the Prophet (peace be on him), narrate the event of his taking faith.

After the Qur’an started to reveal, Al-Harith came to Makkah to meet the Prophet (peace be on him). The Quraysh met him and said, “Harith! Have you heard of what your son says?” He asked “What does he say?” the pagans replied, “He says, we will be resurrected after death, God created Heaven and Hell; to Heaven, He will send the pious persons and in the Hell, He will burn the sinners. Your son has shattered the unity of the nation.”

Harith went to the Prophet (peace be upon him) and apprised him of the thoughts of his nation. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, ‘what I say, I say correct’. He added, ‘When the day will come I would make you remind the talk of this day.’

The statement of the Prophet (peace be upon him) opened the eyes of Harith, he embraced Islam and afterwards, he rendered his due. After embracing Islam, he used to say, “If my son held my hand on the Day, reminding me his talk, then he would not leave it until he would take me to the Heaven.”

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Salman Abd Al-Rahman


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  1. Prophet(S.A.W) was so nice and honest. He used to create relationship among others.
    He was not racism… maybe he is the only one in who we must believe his actions and follow him (including other prophets too).
    When he died, maybe it was pious day for him.
    H.Halima was the foster mother of the prophet but she liked him as his own son.
    Before the revelation, she always supported him.
    After the death of H.Amina(r.a), H.Halima had taken care of the prophet (s.a.w)…
    She was poor but spread belief everywhere.
    May we are always guided in the straight path and may Allah forgives our sins on this great day of Shabe’araat.

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