The Birth Night and Miracles

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The Birth Night of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and Miracles

The scholars of Syrat have enumerated the amazing events that happened in the blessed night of the Birth Multi-Worth, some of these events are as under:

  1. At the time of birth of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, a light came out of Hazrat Aminah that lit up for her palaces of Busra in Syria.

  2. All the idols kept in Ka’bah fell down to the ground upside down on the very blessed night.

  3. Imam Ishaque , in his Syrat transcribed from Hisham bin Urwah, a narration that his father heard Aishad Siddiqua (r.a) saying that a Jew was staying at Makkah for trade. The night the Prophet born, he asked the chiefs of Quraysh whether a child was born in their houses that night. The people unaware of the blessed birth replied him that by God they had no knowledge about any birth. The Jew expressed his astonishment and urged them to go and ask about it, he added:

    “Do not forget, tonight the Prophet of this Ummah has born. The sign of which is that there is a bunch of hair in the middle of his both the shoulders.”

    The Quraysh went to their homes and asked whether any baby had born in any family, they were told that yes Abdullah bin Abdul Mutallib begot a son who had been named as Muhammad. They people called upon the Jew and told him that a child was born the previous night. He besought them to lead him to the house of Aminah, they brought him there, he asked Aminah to let him see her nascent baby; he folded up the clothes of the baby and saw the bunch of hair. He went into comma. When he returned to his senses, the people asked him as to what had happened to him.

    He replied with repentance, “Today the prophet-hood has left the house of Bani Israel.” O Quresh! Make merry, the newly born baby will elevate you, in the east and in the west your name will echo high.

  4. The very night, fourteen turrets of the palace of the king of Iran fell down.

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  5. The fire of the central Fire-Temple of Iran blazing since centuries, turned off suddenly in the blessed night.

There are many such events which the contemporary biographers of the Prophet refer to and admit them as correct. The eminent scholar of modern era, Imam Muhammad Abu Zuhrah in his book “Khatim-un-Nabyeen” has enumerated these events and vehemently refuted the biographers who denied the authenticity of such amazing events. He says the authenticity of the narration depends upon the credentials and credibility of the chain of narrators. If the scholars suspect the chain of narrators, the status of the narration becomes unreliable otherwise reliable. If the narrators of the narration are authentic, faithful and trustworthy, the narration will be authentic, acceptable to all. Holding such narrations unreliable is not befitting, whose chain of narrators is trustworthy and authentic as per research of and standards the scholars laid down for the correct and poor Hadiths.

In addition, the researcher like Ibn-e-Kathir did not suspect their reliability so we believe them as authentic. The events which Ibn-e-Khatir held doubtful we do not admit them as true.

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