The Birth of Musa (a.s)

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The Birth of Musa (a.s)

One day a soothsayer in Firawn’s court told him that a boy would be born among the Children of Israel who would destroy him and his kingdom. Firawn was enraged, and he issued a barbaric decree. He ordered that all new-born boys of the Children of Israel were to be killed as soon as they were born!

During these dreadful times a pious woman of the Children of Israel, whose name was Yukabid, gave birth to a beautiful boy who later came to be known as Musa (a.s) or, in English, Moses. His father’s name was Imran. The parents of the little Musa (a.s) were convinced that their young baby would soon be put to death by the cruel soldiers of Firawn, who were always on the lookout for a new-born baby among the families of the Children of Israel.

As Musa’s (a.s) mother worried about this one day, something unusual happened. She was told by Allah that this was a very special child, and that one day he would become a great prophet. Allah inspired Yukabid to put her little baby into a box and cast it into the river Nile. Allah promised her that Musa (a.s) would be safe and would soon be returned to her.

Yukabid carried out Allah’s orders with hope and confidence. Still, her heart beat rapidly with worry and excitement as she walked down to the river bank and gently put the box containing the baby Musa (a.s) into the water. The baby’s sister, whose name was Qulthum, hid nearby, crouching at the edge of the Nile, to see what would happen to him.

The River Nile

The Nile, the mightiest river in Africa, is 6,700 kilometers in length. It starts in Lake Victoria and flows through Sudan and then Egypt to the Mediterranean. It brings water in plenty countries with little or no rainfall. There its water has been used since ancient times for farming and all other purposes. Without the Nile waters, there would be no lush green fields and people would go thirsty.

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A Basket in the River

Maisarah Qameer Abd Al-Rasheed


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  1. I loved reading your story on prophet Musa AS. It is very interesting to read and I learned a lot more from the story than I had known before .For instance I never knew the prophet Musa’s mothers name.
    These are good stories to read to my kids. Thanks a lot!

    • Indeed these are good stories to read to kids instead of reading false stories. InSha Allah, soon we shall add “The greatest Stories from the Quran”.

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